Inconsistent Policy Pronouncements (Part 2): Kwacha Depreciates

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Bloomberg says the Zambian Kwacha is the worst performing currency in the World – except for the unstable Ukraine.


Can the PF gov learn something from Levy Mwanawasa’s legacy?

Kwacha Depreciates

By samimortal

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF), under President Psycho Mata, have yet again broken their own [world] record for mediocre governing. (the only thing missing is a second award to show for it 😀 ) Continue reading


20 Reasons Why The Oscar Pistorius Trial Is Unfair

CAPE TIMES caption


Have the Media in South Africa usurped the Court’s exclusive right to try accused persons?


In the equally circumstantial Micheal Jackson child molestation case, the Defence opposed having cameras in court because they didn’t want witnesses watching each other.


Can we learn something from a British Judge’s repremand of Primeminister David Cameron over public speaking in the trial of Celebrity Chef – Nigella Lawson?


By samimortal

(Court rise!)
The ‘Honourable Media’ presiding…
Ladies and gentlement, you may be seated.

* end of mockery *

Aquired Television Expert Syndrome

I watch alot of soccer on tv.

Consiquently, I think and behave like an ‘expert.’ I never miss an opportunity to argue with somebody of a different oppinion or aligence. Infact, I think I ‘know’ better than the referee 🙂

I think I’m even better at coaching than Sir Alex Ferguson. Funny part is – I have never coached one, nor do I have one to coach or play against 😦

Sounds familiar?

– Now, that’s what I like to call Aquired Television Expert Syndrome (ATES): which simply means copying or practicing what you learn on tv with a know-it-all attitude. This television pandemic makes patients jump to conclusions. (In lawyer language: Prejudice!)

Like wise, the more we watch the Oscar Pistorius trial, the ATES ‘some of us’ get. ‘Some’ trial witnesses aren’t immune to ATES either. For example:

Carl Johnson testified after his wife (Michelle Burger) in the Pistorius trial but, because of the Defence lawyer’s terifying demeanor, Mr Johnson decided to copy his wife’s style of giving evidence: praised by journalists for ‘standing her ground’.

Ofcourse it didn’t work. It only made Defence Counsel Barry Roux prove that both tailored their evidence (‘4 gun shots’) to fit what was in the public domain. (It’s the tv’s fault..don’t worry.)

Michelle Burger was also unwilling to concede to obvious “yes” or “no” questions from Defence advocate Barry Roux – hence, Ms Burger was making arguments on behalf of prosecutor Gerrie Nel – which is not her job as a ‘witness’.

Commercial Prejudice

Premedia, eNCA & Multichoise (Dstv)

It’s all about ratings in the tv business.

Business is – and will be – booming for the opportunist media houses because of the dramatisation of court procedure, all thanks to the court order saught by eNCA, Primedia and Multichoice.

Commercial broadcasters Multichoice (Dstv) and Primedia (EWN) partnered to create a 24 hour – Carte Blanche produced – channel (Dstv 199) dedicated to the Oscar Pistorius trial.

twitter Nicola @Purplestorm83:
@OscarTrial199 @carteblanchetv Please show the interview/ documentary with Robert Shapiro & Subniv Babuta again only saw a portion of it.
17:37 | Mon, Mar 10 | 2014 █

The channel airs prejudicial content packaged in documentaries by writer/producer/anchor Subniv Babuta, a former BBC presenter. Babuta does daily interviews with famous American lawyer, Robert Shapiro on “The Oscar Trial Channel 199.” (Yes… that’s what they call it…)

Sabniv Babuta’s THE BURDEN OF TRUTH [17 Seconds]

The Carte Blanche anchors and their expert guest analysis leaves alot to be said about Mr Pistorius’ presumption of innocence.

Compared to their equally prejudicial – and – desperate rival (eNCA), Carte Blanche Channel 199’s ratings have gone through the roof. (With a fat bank account, I presume)

‘Keeping Up With The Pistorians’

Dubed the trial of century, the Oscar Pistorius trial is more reality television drama than a court trial. Besides the accused on trial, what is also on trial is the trial itself, those trying the trial and how the trial is tried.

The rise of the Pistorians (die hard fans), gives everyone following the trial an ominous breeze (trolling on-and-offline).

Carte Blanche anchor Bongani Bingwa ‘s hippie expressions and frequent use of the word “dramatic” in the early trial days – spells out the uncalled-for excitement by some Jounalists. Hence, viewers can’t be blamed for mistaking the trial for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a U.S. reality tv drama.

twitter Emma Sadleir @EmmaSadleir:
Wow already 7th day of @OscarTrial199. Tonight I chat to lawyer @DavidDadic and unpack the day’s events in court, incl the Tweeting issue
17:57 | Tue, Mar 11 | 2014 █

Justice For Reeva Steenkamp or Public Entertainment?

twitter Oneal ™ @Onizee:
I think i want Subniv Babuta narrating my story after i am dead he’d make anything sound interesting!!! @OscarTrial199 #OscarTrial
09:31 | Mon, Mar 10 | 2014 █

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Once Untouchable GBM, Touched!


Justice Of Convenience

Thank God for the internet.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Judicial circus is in town. Allow me to take you for a tour – see the corrupt that run Zambia and…

– The brainless – that have now charged and suspended a ‘fellow corruptie’ twice in 5 weeks…

In the spotlight: GBM.

Two months after Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s resignation from Micheal Sata’s mediocre administration as Defence Minister, he has now been slaped with 8 charges that could see him locked up for a very [very] long time.

Amoung the 8 charges, is fraud and corruption.


The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) cleared GBM of all corruption charges in April 2013. In November, 2013 ACC refused to investigate GBM even after Vice President Guy Scott gave police a dossier in October, 2013.

Funny, GBM has now been charged with the same criminal offences that he was cleared of [allegedly commited] when he was acting President in 2012.

So why arrest him now [in 2014, 8 weeks after resigning]?

– Is it because GBM was really untouchable as he claimed during the endorsement quarrels with Hon. Miles Sampa and ‘Justice’ Minister Wynter Kabimba?

– Or Is it because ACC was ‘not allowed’ to investigate Ministers without the President’s permission?

(Wow! Bravo! We can really see that the Judiciary is ‘independent’, neh?

It’s nice to see Mr. Sata’s so “allergic to corruption” – he even hides it in his Cabinet 😀 )

Endorsement Choir Master

When GBM resigned on Christmas Eve last year, he touted the integrity horn. But I shot that down (yay me!) and I was right.

One moment GBM was endorsing President Micheal Sata for 2016, another moment he’s resigning.

There is no smoke without fire. [TWEET THIS]

(Folks something’s burning)

The “Micheal Sata for 2016” choir master sang songs of praises (hero worshiping) with a not-so-secret ulterial motive: THE PRESIDENCY!

Sadly, in the so-called ‘democratic’ party, the Patriotic Front President had another successor in mind.

Sata and Wynter Kabimba Micheal Sata (left) and the Golden boy, chilling aboard the Challenger
© Post 2013

Beautiful Witch Hunt

Even when it’s evidently clear that the charges are a witch hunt from ‘above’, GBM’s still getting the special treatment.

If I stole K10 or forged documents [like GBM], police wouldn’t record a warn and caution statement against me, they’d arrest me! Instantly! (I know, it’s a cruel world)

Safe to speculate that the mild mannered witch hunt seeks to shake GBM alittle. But, that’s dumb of Mr. Sata because secrets are leaking into the public domain, slowly.

If this fuss goes to trial and convicts GBM, I’ll get a PVR decorder – just for the drama that will follow on ZNBC 😀 Continue reading

Zambia’s ‘Houdini’ Employment Figures

Magic Wand


By samimortal

If you thought there’s only one Larry Houdini (magician), guess again!

(haunted music.. LIGHTENING.. church bells)

Behold! –

With approximately 2 years, 6 months and 19 days to go before the 2016 general election campaigns – President Sata has reiterated that he has created more than 300,000 jobs since taking office 27 months ago.

326,480 jobs to be precise.


8-months-and-23-days ago (on Labour Day), President Sata told the nation that ‘he’ had created 175,700 jobs.

Numbers don’t add up genius!

If any one outside Zambia needs to testify to the academic prowess of ‘His Excellency’ President Micheal ‘Chilufya’ Sata – [now] would be the right time [please].
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‘That Guy I Knew But Never Met’ – Africa’s Finest Messenger: KOMLA DUMOR, DEAD

My diary: Sam, journal entry, Wednesday, 22 January, 2014 — 01:16.

Komla Kung Fu Kick

Cameras on Komla

Komla Dumor: Saymore Dumore

100 most influential africans

The Boss Player

Ghana Business and Finance

Focus On Africa

atlantic dialogues

Dumor’s African Narrative

18 days into the new year [2014]; Sat 18 Jan;

– A charming, charismatic, euthusiastic, energtic, warm-hearted, goofy, joyful, serious, smart; infectious smiling-and-laughing journalist, Komla Dumor — was taken by the grim reaper at age 41 in London.


‘THE BOSS PLAYER’ had an infectious smile:

Komla, Yalda, Lyse Komla, Yalda and Lyse

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If I Was Miles Sampa, What Would I Do? – 20 Reasons Why The Ruth Mbandu Murder Case Should Be Retrialed

The Justice Edition

By samimortal

He likes them dark. He likes them young.

Young… (cue dramatic music)

– Women.
He likes them. May be more than ‘like’, but following recent revelations, a question is lingering on our minds: is he cappable of killing to silence them?

He, who? (…cue sad music)

Matero Member of Parliament – also Commerce Deputy Minister, Miles Sampa, has been a person of ridicule in the past week by people “with nothing to do.” (ofcouse not my words)

Names like honourable hule (cassanova), honourable adulteror, honourable cheater, honourable sugar daddy, (add immoral word + “honourable” here) – were used to reffer to Hon. Miles Sampa, MP, on social media last week.

Smear Campaign?

I had an erie sense of déjà vu as the Miles Sampa scandal unfolded last week. I’ve seen a number of politicians accused of sexual immorality and – almost always – their reaction is to deny the accusations and attack the accusers of jealousy, small-mindedness and participation in a wider conspiracy or vendetta against them.

Herman Cain, Silvio Berluscony, Dominic Strauss-Kahn and Bill Clinton are amoung a few notables who employed the ‘victicm’ strategy. Safe to say, Hon. Miles Sampa is not alone in “this game of chess.”

If indeed Hon. Sampa is a victim of a smear campaign, who benefits from tanishing his name? I should state that both the antagonist and the protagonist in this case have been lying.

Let’s make sense of this annoying distortion that can’t allow a bereaved family peace:


Well, thanks to ‘Honourable’ Sampa’s threat to sue the Zambian Watchdog over a false report, the Watchdog in return leaked information on his libido escapades with his varying young ‘concubines’. Continue reading

PETER GRESTE: New Year In Egyptian Jail

Peter Greste reporting from Mogadishu Peter Greste reporting from Mogadishu, Somalia. He won a prestigeous Peabody Award for a documentary on Somalia.


Three words will be lip sunk world-over. In Egypt, the words from the increasingly totalitarian government are unlikely to be ”free Peter Greste,” but: “happy new year!”

Well, excuse my french, Continue reading




By samimortal

The resignation of Defence Minister, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), from Micheal Sata’s administration has come as a ‘shocker’. I must confess, this is a very rare gesture amoung Zambian politicians.
░ READ ░░██░░ Integrity (Part 2) ░

Reasons? Anybody?

It’s no secret that President Sata’s got issues with almost-just-about everybody!! I mean everybody. (yeah. .talk about being a **blip**) Continue reading

Madiba Buried, Funeral Hijacked

Kenneth Kaunda and Jakya Kikwete Kenneth Kaunda (L) and Jakaya Kikwete speaking at Mandela’s funeral


By samimortal

Nelson Mandela hoped to achieve a free and equal democratic South Africa. After 1994, he achieved that with the help of a truth-and-reconciliation commission headed by Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Before Madiba’s hope and prison release was realised, alot of people and nations lent a helping hand in ‘the struggle’.

Hence, today, two people from the most significant nations in the fight against apartheid, tried frantically, like kids, Continue reading

Mandela Memorial Distractions

Fake interpreter

Mandela Memorial Distraction Banner


By samimortal

When Hurricane Sandy devastated the U.S east coast in 2012, who knew that New York Mayor Micheal Bloomberg’s attractive interpreter would over shadow him during briefings?
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